10 Ways To Increase Productivity

10 Ways To Increase Productivity

There are days when I really can’t get my shit together, can you relate? Being productive isn’t always as easy as it sounds and in today’s world, it is even easier to be distracted. Here are 10 ways to increase productivity even on those less than perfect days…

…oh, you know the days spent staring at the computer, the days lying in bed for one more minute which turns into five hours, and the days where wishes go unfulfilled because they are about our businesses running themselves, yep, you know, THOSE days.

Don’t worry, I got you covered, and you got this!

10 Ways To Increase Productivity

Step #1: Set A Timer

Age-old recipe for getting things done! Setting a timer not only helps your workflow, but also allows you to subconsciously work better knowing there is a limited amount of time. I like to set my timer for 20 minutes and then take 5 minutes off to use the bathroom, drink coffee, and get resituated for the next 20 minutes. These intervals also help with prioritizing by getting the smaller tasks done first.

Step #2: Decrease Distractions

Yes, we ALL have the tendency to get distracted, with social media, phone calls, & emails - what’s not to get distracted by? Limit these distractions by turning them off and hide them far, far, far away to keep you from temptation. An app I love is Moment, this app allows you to track how much time you actually spend on your phone and which apps are used the most. Scared to know which ones they are?

Step #3: Love What You Do

This is very important - say it with me… I LOVE WHAT I DO. Say it over and over again because chances are you wouldn’t be doing what you do, unless you loved it right?! If you don’t then why are you still doing it? I challenge you friend, to have a heart to heart with yourself on why you do the things you do, if you are in a mediocre place right now. If you aren’t sure about what you want to do (yet!) don’t worry. Finding your passion takes time, but look for signs, think about a time when you were so extremely happy doing something, you’ll start to notice a shift I promise! I love serving you and others to build a better, healthier lifestyle, and run an apothecary or business that dreams are made of. It is my passion and it keeps me going every single day.

Step #4: Top 5

If you use a digital calendar or are more traditional with physically writing dates like me, always make it a habit to write down your top 3-5 priorities the night before. Doing this frees your mind up of all the tasks you have to get done the next day which equals a restful night, helps eliminate the small things at the beginning of the day, frees up time for larger tasks at the end, and productivity rises.

Step #5: Step Away From The Computer

Take a walk, go for a run, stretch. If you can, take 10-20 minutes to break, regroup, and jump back in. sometimes a little time away from the screen is all it takes to make you feel refreshed and ready to achieve anything.

Step #6: Post-it Calendar

As a visual person, color coordination helps so much! I purchase those giant calendars, take them apart, throw them on a wall, grab colored post-it notes, and post these guys everywhere. For example, I use an orange post-it for Instagram, yellow for blog posts, green for webinars, blue for deadlines, and so on. Try it out!

Step#7: Exercise

Yes, I know what you are going to say, who has time for exercise? But honestly, you will notice a world of difference. Make time for you, make time to sweat, and if you can - just take a two-mile walk. Strava is such a good app for this, it tracks runs, walks, biking, and more. A little physical activity will help you think better, feel better, and give you natural energy to keep on tearing through your list.

Step #8: Drink Water

Water, water, and more water. I can’t stress the importance of water. I feel naked without my water bottle and really don’t know what to do without it. I am one of those people who get so wrapped up in a project that I forget to do anything, even breath. Having a reusable water bottle by my side as a constant reminder to drink more water keeps me in check and now it has become a habit. 

 Step #9: Set Goals

Setting goals allows us to reevaluate why we do what we do in the first place, read your goals first thing in the morning as a friendly reminder. Something I like to do is write my goals either on my phone, on paper, or both, take a picture of it, and use it as my screen saver. Seeing them daily fuels me to strive for more, if you aren't keen on that, build a collage of your goals and take a picture of that. Display your goals on the bathroom mirror, by your bed, and on your car dashboard, just let them be seen.

Step #10: Listen To Podcasts

Check out my 9 favorite podcasts here. I listen to podcasts every morning while I’m making breakfast. I find one I like the night before so it’s ready to go in the A.M. What inspires you? Listening to other people’s journeys can be so inspiring and I love it. Listen to podcasts on your walk, at the gym, or in the car. Find what fuels you, solid influences, and surround yourself with positivity, rest will follow.

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