25 Things I Got Rid Of

25 Things I Got Rid Of

Honestly, having a minimalistic mindset has really changed my life. The 25 things I got rid of were not easy, but I went from being an unconscious consumer about three-four years ago to now fully practicing minimalism and sustainable living.

Sounds easier than it was...

I never realized how much stuff I actually owned and I still have things I don't need, but this is part of the journey.

For those of you new to minimalism and sustainable living: it is the practice of living without unnecessary items and instead, spending your energy and money on experiences that fill you with joy. 

The biggest rewards came when I got rid of these things!

25 Things I Got Rid Of

  1. 70% of my wardrobe: I own 35 items of clothing not including undergarments.
  2. Bathroom trashcan
  3. Face routine products: I use honey, toner, and different oils for my face.
  4. Makeup: I have one travel-sized eye-shadow, one travel-sized blush, one lip balm, two lip colors, mascara, and eyeliner.
  5. 80% of hardcopy books: I have about 10 hard copies that I already purchased prior and still want to read.
  6. Furniture: I don’t own traditional furniture, everything is DIY reclaimed wood. I don't have a couch, dining table, chairs, or bed frame. I have a coffee table used for work and a tall desk when I need to stand and work and two DIY shelves.
  7. Jewelry: I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry anyway, but I do have two necklaces I love, my grandmother's wedding ring, and two pairs of earrings.
  8. Accessories: I have one pair of sunglasses, two hair scarves, two beanies, two bandanas, and three hats.
  9. Bobby pins and hair ties: I have two hair scrunchies, two workout rubber bands.
  10. TV: I have an iPad and my computer if I need to watch anything, having a TV isn't essential to me.
  11. 70% of photos: I have made most of the digital.
  12. Phone apps: Got rid distracting ones, I use a few apps for work.
  13. Extra kitchenware
  14. Plants: I LOVE indoor plants, I currently have four, but I used to have 15+
  15. Toxic relationships: This includes following people on social media that I otherwise would have no other relationship with
  16. Bags: I have one backpack, one gym bag, one purse, one crossbody small bag.
  17. Toxic beauty supplies: This includes nail polish and hair chemicals products.
  18. Old electronics: Old cameras, iPods, & radios.
  19. Spare beddings and sheets: I only need what I use.
  20. Home decor that doesn’t bring me joy
  21. Travel luggage: I try to pack lightly by not having so much stuff.
  22. Computer files
  23. Medicine: I use natural herbs and holistic remedies.
  24. Seasonal decor: Including x-mas, Halloween, easter, all of it. If I feel the need to decorate I try and use natural materials or things that I already have to spruce up my space.
  25. Single-use loofas, cotton rounds, & eventually paper towels.

As you can see this is a process, but the outcome has been so rewarding.

What surrounds me now, makes me happier - and I feel free to make certain choices and decisions that I know will bring me even more joy.

I’m never stressed out about what to wear, newest trends, or feeling a void about not having something because society says I need it.

I hope this will help you jump start your journey into minimalism!

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