3 Rookie Mistakes I Made As A New Entrepreneur

3 Rookie Mistakes I Made As A New Entrepreneur

Episode 14 of The Rad Show Podcast: 3 Rookie Mistakes I Made As A New Entrepreneur. As you know, I focus mainly on helping new entrepreneurs start and grow a business from the ground up. A common fear amongst everyone is the fear of day 1. Meaning, what will it look like and how do you even begin to start the momentum of entrepreneurship? These 3 rookie mistakes are easy to overlook if you aren't careful. So I'm spilling the beans because I want for you to be ahead of the gang so that you can kick that fear to the curb and start to build confidence in yourself and business.


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3 Rookie Mistakes I Made As A New Entrepreneur

Rookie Mistake #1: I didn't start an email list

This is the number one thing that I tell my students to do even before they have a website. Not only will this be your main bread and butter once your list has grown, but it will also help you to validate your ideas from the get-go. You can then start to build your website and business around your findings. Man oh man, Cher's lyrics blazing "If I Could Turn Back Time!" I honestly wish that I started my email list on the day I decided to start a business. Day one, task 1: Start your list.

I started with Etsy and it never occurred to me to ask permission to email any of my newly found clients. I also didn't have an email marketing provider set up. Straight 2011 rookie mistake!

I did mention our sponsor Kartra in the introduction and honestly, if you are just starting out, Katra is the perfect platform. It comes equipped with everything you need. You don't even need a website because their pages act as a stand-alone with their own unique URL so that you can share this link across all your social media platforms. Email marketing, courses, memberships, products, check out cart, build your help desk, and affiliate programs all-in-one. If only they existed in 2011!

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Rookie Mistake #2: Not Utilizing A Blog Correctly

I truly believe that every business should have a blog. This is an amazing tool to consistently drive traffic to your site on so many levels. You can repurpose a blog ten or more ways so that you can get traction to your site and other parts of your business. My big mistake was that I had a blog, but I was using it as a journal and less like a business platform to give my audience valuable information. I would write about my travels, take pictures of hiking, or create SoundCloud playlists. Stuff that had nothing to do with my brand. I should have been strategic about my blog from day one, serving my audience with apothecary information, relevant recipes, and tools of the trade.

Let's say I post a blog, 5 Ways To Create Email Templates. I can then repurpose this by:

1) use the information in a caption on social media

2) share it in my email to my subscribers

3) share it on Pinterest

4) pull a piece of information from it and elaborate more on that topic in a podcast

5) create a slideshow masterclass or webinar based on the information that links back to the blog

6) build an infographic

7) create a mini series and save it as an ebook

8) create a downloadable freebie related to the information

9) send it off as a guest post 

10) create a video series and upload to youtube or as an email sequence

The lifespan of a blog post lives on and on. Once you have repurposed that one piece of content, refresh it, create a new post, and do it all over again. Make sure you have a blog like WordPress or other and get writing! A quick tip is to use google docs and on a mac hit, "command+shift+S" and start voice typing. yep. Its a thing try it. Huge time saver!

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Rookie Mistake #3: Assuming My Audience Wants And Needs

After you have built a community and have a clear idea of your ideal client avatar, it's time to ask questions and poll them. Just because you have an idea that you think people will want, doesn't mean that they will. I learned this the hard way, I assumed that my audience wanted a course on just herbalism 101 and so I created an earlier version of the Entrepreneurial Herbal Lab without the business modules. I quickly learned that people were able to get this information anywhere and what they really wanted to know, was how to start an apothecary business. This included branding, social media, finances, tech, and how to start their list. So the entrepreneurial herbal lab was born.

I made zero dollars on the first run because I didn't think to ask my audience. I didn't ask them what they wanted or needed I just assumed. Assumptions won't get you anywhere nor will they be profitable. Ask questions in your Instagram captions, add them in your stories and live feed, send out an email asking your subscribers to reply with answers you have supplied, or create a survey and give your audience incentives for completing it. Test the waters before you decide to dive headfirst or invest money in ads. The best way to get clarity is straight from the source.


In Summary

Avoid these 3 rookie mistakes I made as a new entrepreneur. I'm giving you the tools and information to head straight towards your goals because I wish I had someone that would have done the same for me. Not to say that these are the only three mistakes I have ever made because let me tell you, that list goes on and on. But these are the main ones that I could have benefited from early on that ultimately hurt my business results. So learn from me friend, and avoid these at all costs.

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