5 Gift Ideas For The Herbalist Enthusiast

5 Gift Ideas For The Herbalist Enthusiast

Gifts can be really stressful, whether it is the holidays, or in general, but don't freak out just yet, I got you covered with gift ideas for the herbalist enthusiast! We all know a person like this: makes everything, has everything, only thinks practically in terms of gift giving and receiving. Basically, the hardest person in the world to shop for!

So hopefully this will ease your anxiety because I know you, you really want to get this person an amazing gift, and are afraid of reverting to a gift card. Lucky for you (and them) your gift giving game (GGG) is about to change!

5 Gift Ideas For Any Level Herbalist

1: Gift baskets

Now, you may be saying, ummm like a basket of fruit? And while I would really appreciate a gift like that, I think it really depends on your person. What do they love? What can't they live without?

If they are an herbalist or even a beginner herbalist, think about supplies: canning jars, wooden items, glass measuring cups, dried herbs, beeswax, books... the list is really endless.

2: Gardening supplies

If they are an herbalist, they most likely LOVE plants.

If they have some type of garden indoor or out, get supplies for that. Sustainable gloves, organic soil, maybe a really special type of seed they can grow, a card that can be planted and decompose into little seedlings.

If they haven't started a garden yet find a mini gardening kit. Or better yet, just buy them a plant with a great pot! Plants are great gift ideas and can turn into something that will last forever.

3: Mason jars or glass storage jars

As a herbalist I am always looking for new ways to store my dried herbs and let me tell you, glass containers are an amazing gift. Look for a cohesive bunch that they can easily add a label to. If you want to get the labels too, chalk ones are great and the recyclable brown ones.

To add a something fun to the jars, I'd fill them with socks, a favorite snack, or a beautiful card that tells them how much you adore and support them.

4: Essential oils

No one can ever have too many essential oils! Really... Essential oils are essential gift ideas (see what I didi there).


Things to avoid when buying essential oils:

-Clear glass, essential oils should be sold in dark amber, blue, or black GLASS bottles (never plastic).

-Oils that are all priced the same

-Oils that have been diluted in vegetable oil


Things to look for when buying essential oils:

-Oils that list the Latin name and common name on the label as well as the country of origin.

-Smaller bottles, 10ml is enough to last a month or so depending.

5: Subscription or continued education

One of the the perks of the 20th century are how many subscriptions are out there! This is entirely up to you to choose the subscription of course, but they range from magazine subscriptions to eco-friendly box subscriptions. Usually the company lets you choose how long you want the subscription to last for from 1 month or 3 if you don't want a whole year. Check Etsy too!

You guys all know I am a huge bookworm so it is no surprise that this is on the list. Continued education is a must, purchase an online course, kindle books, or a membership learning tool that would be so beneficial! Skillshare is amazing by the way...

I hope this list helps you crush the any gifting event this year, I know I'll be making a few gift baskets myself!

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