5 Must-Have Entrepreneur Apps

5 Must-Have Entrepreneur Apps

Entrepreneurial life is the best, but you know what's even better?! Entrepreneur apps that make life - that much easier!

I am a solo-preneur and at times, things can be really overwhelming to remember without a team, but there is literally an app for everything so how do you even choose!

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5 Must-Have Entrepreneur Apps

ONE: One app I highly recommend is MOMENT - this app tells you how much time you spend on your phone and which apps you use the most. It's great for helping reduce screen time and stay aware and in the moment.

TWO: Taxes can be a scary thing, but knowing what you are capable of writing off is key. One of the biggest write-offs for me have been traveling miles. I have been tracking my miles for years now, even though previous jobs because it has always been beneficial. When an app came out for this, I was all over it! MileIQ is genius, any reason to improve my mileage tax deduction... yes, please.

THREE: As I mentioned previously, remembering everything that I need to do in a day - or even the whole month can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, Asana has come to the rescue as my little virtual angel. I am honestly a huge fan of physically writing things down, but unfortunately, my bullet journal can't alert me so when launching is in the air, Asana has my vote.

Apps Should Make Life Easier, Not Overwhelming

FOUR: I don't know about you guys, but continued entrepreneurial education is kind of my thing. Hello, Apple Podcasts! There is something about always learning that just excites me, enneagram 5 is not wrong! The fact that I can wash the dishes and learn about virtually anything in less than 10 minutes is so rewarding.

FIVE: Lastly, UNUM say hello to your new marketing wizard. UNUM is an automated time saver. There are few apps like this circulating, but I've just found this one to be extremely helpful personally. This app allows you to upload your Instagram photos, preview and rearrange your grid, then schedules automated posts, so that you have one less thing to worry about. I usually set an hour aside a week to properly layout all my photos for the month, add captions, set a timer, and boom! What is great about this app too, is that it also shows you your analytics. So perfect right?!

Okay, first things first - ORGANIZE.

-Go through your phone and delete any apps that you don't use anymore, or haven't used in a month. Chances are you aren't going to use them anytime soon.

-Keep the apps you use the most, upfront and the rest add to labeled folders like Social Media Apps, Invoices, Tax Apps, etc. If you don't like folders find a way to organize them so that they are grouped together in a way that makes sense.

-Next, get MOMENT, track your time, and where it's spent to better determine what apps you need in order to make your business life more effective.

-Add apps intentionally, get them when you are ready to implement them, and plan to use them effectively.

Well, there you have it. Apps can be a great addition to your newly growing business if you need a little help along the way. I try to be effective and intentional in my business and these little pocket wizards are my top 5 for convenience, productivity, and ease.

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