5 Ways To Become A More Confident Herbalist

5 Ways To Become A More Confident Herbalist

Sometimes even the most seasoned herbalist can feel a little less than. Confidence is something that is learned and it takes hours, years, and practice to really feel comfortable for some.

5 Ways To Become A More Confident Herbalist can help with that. Plus add reassurance to your thoughts about being enough when it comes to plant medicine and your practice.

Know that our job as herbalists isn’t only to do research like Belle with our heads buried in books, but to share our knowledge in order to bridge the gap between us and mother earth.

1 Get Organized

Do you know all the herbs you have in stock, when it’s time to reorder, and when they expire? If not, you need to get organized. Knowing exactly what I have on hand at all times is a huge game changer and the first secret to help build your confidence as a herbalist. Referencing your stock list seems like a no-brainer, but it can actually be really empowering… “ hold on, let me check my inventory!”

If you are a beginner herbalist, get in the habit of logging your herbs as soon as you order to always have a place of reference.

Check out this Herbal Planner For Creating an Apothecary. It’s the ultimate organizer.

There are 29-pages of blank lists for you to fill in as you build and add-on to your apothecary. Herbal inventory, Equipment Tracker, Booklist, Herbal First Aid Kit List, Recipes, Apothecary Project builders, and more.

There's even a blank Plant profile List so you have a space to continue learning.

2 Know Your Remedies

I’m not saying you need to know all the remedies, but at least know a few staple ones and know them well. The plant world is huge, there is absolutely no way that one person can know all the plants and what they do. However, there’s a good chance you can learn five to ten herbs that have multiple uses within your apothecary.

Take chamomile, a versatile herb, not only for making tea, but also skincare, is great for pets, and makes a lovely addition to bath time. Knowing your remedies and understanding each and every part of the plant even if it’s one, will help your confidence skyrocket. You’ll always be able to chime in about these herbs no matter the situation.

Have anxiety? Chamomile.

Have Digestive issues?

Chamomile. Can’t sleep? Chamomile tincture.

Have a skin rash? Chamomile oil.

Dry itchy skin on pets? Chamomile tea bath.

See how one herb can be used in so many ways?

3 Work With People

If you are just starting out this might seem a bit scary. How can little ‘ole you work with people when you feel that imposter syndrome creeping in? Easy, you offer something you know everything about (see tip number 2). Let’s take the example of chamomile again. Maybe you only sell chamomile tea, you educate and inform people of all the benefits of chamomile etc. Congratulations, you are working with people. It’s honestly that simple. When you know that you have retained valid information and can talk about it freely, is the time that you should.

Helping one person is better than helping none. Remember that. Even if it's your neighbor, relative, or best friend. You never know who really needs chamomile until you put yourself out there, have conversations, and own that you are indeed a herbalist. Herbalism isn’t an accredited scenario, by definition its “the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants.” Guess what you are doing exactly that, and therefore I dub you herbalist.

4 Celebrate Small Wins

I love this part because it’s all about celebrating yourself. No one is going to celebrate your small wins better than you. No one knows what you feel like when you add another herb to your brain vault, restock a new herb, make something for someone that truly helps them, how it feels to cure a rash on your little baby, and be so self confident in this process that you can’t help but smile. Yes, you did that and you deserve all the wins.

I’ve been doing this for years now and I still celebrate! I love getting new herbs in, making a new tincture, healing someone and getting the best feedback in return. This is why we do what we do, so go ahead and give yourself a gold star, eat something yummy, and pat yourself on the back. You are doing an amazing job, I promise.

5 Trust Yourself & Plant Medicine

If you weren't certain about herbalism, you wouldn't be here reading this. If you didn't think you were capable you wouldn't be reading this. If you didn't think herbs were the future you wouldn't be here reading this. Trust yourself. Trust that even though everything seems a little arcane right now, that it's just the beginning. Trust that even though you have been doing this for years, there is still more to learn, ways to grow, and people to help.

Trust is a flag blowing in the wind and you have to take that small step to grab it, but once you do, a shift happens. If I didn't trust myself I wouldn't be talking about this at all. I’d be hiding like I did in my beginner years because I was afraid of what people thought and I let that cloud my judgment of what's important.

Plant medicine is the people's medicine, It doesn't matter what form of herbalism you are practicing. The point is that you are doing it and that's the first step. So trust in yourself and plant medicine because it's been here way longer than you and I combined. If you really feel unsure about plant medicine, one of the best things you can do is experience them yourself. Feeling the impact of plants personally will help you feel more connected to them and your body.

Take these 5 steps and run with them. Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.

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