5 Ways To Stop The Plastic Toothbrush Crisis

5 Ways To Stop The Plastic Toothbrush Crisis

The thing is... I want more dentists to be eco-friendly, with an immediate halt in the production of plastic toothbrushes ( not too much to ask for ). Here at 8 reasons to toss your plastic companion and 5 ways to stop the plastic toothbrush crisis.

Itʻs that time of year again, scheduling a dentist appointment and immediately regret getting the confirmation call to accept it.

Are you sure itʻs next week, because Iʻm pretty sure I schedule it for 2025?

Honestly friends, I highly dislike the dentist: the noises and the smells, it's like an instant replay of the crazy dentist from Little Shop of Horrors!!

Regardless, I am always elated leaving with what seems like a brand new set of pearly whites and wonder why I don’t go more often - repeat cycle.

I enjoy a little to-go package on my way out even if the toothbrush is miniature and the toothpaste is terrible at least itʻs something to reward good behavior.

What I don't understand is why dentists aren't more conscious of the earth? Why can't they give out eco-friendly to-go bags and use more sustainable resources? There is so much access to amazing and safe products, yet a large number of practices still won't participate.

Why Make The Switch?

1) Over 99% of the toothbrushes the world uses are plastic

2) The modern day toothbrush has been mass produced since 1938

3) 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold every year

4) Toothbrushes are made from petroleum, crude oil, polypropylene plastic, and nylon, which are sourced and non-renewable fossil fuels

5) Manufacturing nylon creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide

6) Oil is a non-renewable resource, for it to be produced, oil wells are created, harming ecosystems and destroying habitats

7) Electric toothbrushes equals battery acid

8) Plastic that is not recycled, ends up in landfills or the ocean and takes 400 plus years to break down if at all

5 Ways To Stop The Plastic Toothbrush Crisis

1) Switch to bamboo toothbrushes

2) Write to your favorite company and ask them to develop plastic-free options

3) Recycle your toothbrush

4) Get involved in clean-ups

5) Share this with your friends and get them to make the switch too!

I challenge you to make a difference today and everyday, start to lean towards a plastic-free life. Baby steps for a giant impact!

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