Coffee Cacao Smoothie

Coffee Cacao Smoothie

I love a good smoothie, especially when it's packed with cacao and coffee. To be honest, I'm a little addicted, but you will be too once you try it!

3 Benefits Of Cacao

  1. Highest Plant-Based Source Of Iron: A lot of time its hard to find iron in a plant-based/vegan diet, but look no further! Cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron known to man, at 7.3mg per 100g.  This compares to beef and lamb at 2.5mg, and spinach at 3.6mg.
  2. Full of Magnesium: Cacao is also one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium, the most deficient mineral in the Western world.  Magnesium is important for a healthy heart and helps turn glucose into energy.
  3. Anti-Depressant & Mood Elevator: Cacao is magic and scientifically proven to have four chemicals – serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylethylamine that make life better.  These neurotransmitters are associated with feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and help alleviate depression. Raw Organic Cacao is a natural, healthy, and delicious way to get your daily dose of happiness.


You can make this smoothie with either frozen coffee ice cubes or frozen bananas, or both! If you want to make it with the ice cubes, just brew some coffee, pour it into an ice cube tray, and freeze for at least two hours or overnight. The ice cubes do make the smoothie a bit more frothy.

I used almond butter and almond milk, but you may choose to try it with peanut butter or use regular milk instead. If you like things on the sweeter side, you could even add a tablespoon of honey, agave nectar, or a few dates. This recipe is extremely versatile so just have fun with it.  

What You'll Need

Serves 2
1 cup of brewed coffee (room temp) or frozen ice cubes
2 large frozen bananas
1 tbsp almond butter or peanut butter
1/2 - 1 cup almond or regular milk
1 tbsp cacao powder
1 tbsp honey/agave (optional)
4 dates (optional)
walnuts/pecans (optional)

1 Scoop of Vanilla Vegan Protein THIS IS MY FAVORITE

TIP: add the milk 1/2 cup at a time 

Place all of the ingredients into the blender.
Pulse until smooth and frothy.
Pour into the cup and enjoy!

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