How Multi-passionate Interests Are Small Maps To Finding Your Path

How Multi-passionate Interests Are Small Maps To Finding Your Path

This introduction is all about how multi-passionate interests are small maps to finding your path, why I started The Rad Show podcast, where the direction is going to go, and what I think this podcast is going to bring to your life. I am SO excited that you are tuning into the very first episode of The Rad Show!

A rad show is going to be a monthly podcast. While I love interview podcasts, I want it to feel more like an online workshop with a homie! You show up and you walk away with tangible tactics to apply to your life and business right away.


How Multi-Passionate Interests Are Small Maps To Finding Your Path

For me, there is always a bigger picture: to give back, to help, to teach, to educate, and to be more than just a business. Making money and growing an audience is great, and that's something for the rest of the world to see. My why comes from my own level of fulfillment and meaning regardless of what other people think. Purpose over profit is what drives me. It's taken me some time to realize that, but even when my business does well, it doesn't mean anything If I'm not giving back. 

When I realized this and moved past the point where I felt like I was being held back by hearsay expectations, I moved forward. This lead me to create my first online course. In 2018, I did a soft launch of the Entrepreneurial Herbal Lab. Mainly to get feedback, work out the kinks, and to see if people would actually be interested in EHL

This was so impactful because I was helping people get out of their stuck. I was giving them hope and opportunity to help others through plant medicine and plant knowledge. That's something that fills me up inside, knowing that I've taught someone and they have this knowledge forever. Knowing that they can and will, make a difference in someone's life.

I've held a lot of jobs in the past to find what my passion and path is in this life. I never take the small steps lightly. When people say you can't be an expert in all that I do, I simply quote Simba, "I laugh in the face of danger bwhah-ha."

My Hope For The Rad Show Podcast

So my hope with a rad show podcast is to bring information to you that will help with mindset barriers and encourage. To help grow your business with a bigger picture in mind and to really find your why. I want you to exude that into your life. Get to a place where you are working from your heart and not "just" because.

You can bet there will be an array of topics from business growth, online marketing, email lists, SEO, minimalism, health & wellness, apothecary related, plant topics, and a ton of other rad things. It's ok to have multi-passionate interests, you can do anything you want, ANYTHING. There is more to you than you know, I'm sure of it. There is a voice that has been put into our minds at a young age. It says, maybe you can, and maybe you can't. I want to inspire you to do the things, all-of-the-things, because why not.

I'm so excited for you to join me!

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