How To Niche Down In Your Herbal Business

How To Niche Down In Your Herbal Business

You may hear the term niche floating around, but it's actually rather important when it comes to your herbal business. 

Regardless of the the type of alternative medicine your practice: herbalism, naturopathic, nutrition etc.. having a niche could be a great opportunity for you to attract the right type of people that want to work with you and you them. 

This field can be "saturated" because there are a lot of people that are slowly realized for amazing holistic health really is. However, this is also creating a lot of general information that is a bit of an overshare and not really beneficial because it's a lot of everything. Few people really hone in on one really great practice and are able to give individual insight and guidance to those seeking support from holistic healing.

Diving into you unique niche is really how you elevate your practice and clientele. 


How are you going to stand out in this field, and have your voice and expertise heard? If you market yourself as a general holistic practitioner people can sometimes get lost in the chaos of it all, especially those that are new to it. Some exampled of niching down are to be an expert in blood sugar balance, anxiety and stress support, skin health, balancing hormones after birth control, men’s health and wellness, sleep support, herbs for pets, etc. Your niche is your superpower and your ability to help people more thoroughly. 

How To Niche Down In Your Herbal Business

1: What do you like about your holistic profession? 

I think the first thing to think about is what maybe your favorite part of your practice is? What information do you love sharing? What do you find yourself talking about or reading up on consistently?

These things may be clues into what your niche could be.

For myself, it changes through the years, but I was getting a lot of questions on herbal business start up and I've been going in that direction ever since because I enjoy helping others get started in a way that I was never able to have starting in 2009. I am also very passionate about tea and glycerites and I specialized in this + teach it.

There are many different avenues you can take your holistic career. Find what lights you up - success leaves clues. 

2: What do find is lacking in you area of interest?

Are you seeing the same information over and over?

For example, there is a lit of talk over women's care but there didn't used to be a lot of information and cycle health. Now there is but before not so much.

There might be lack of information on herbs for pregnancy cycles, lack of information on herb use with infants, etc.

You need to find what is lacking in your are of interest and then be that source. 

TIP: Ask your audience. If you are not sure what the people want to hear, ask them. You can do that via social media, email, etc. Getting an online community involved and asking for feedback can help you niche down even further. 

The Herbal Business Blueprint

Whether you aspire to launch an herbal products business, open a herb store, start a wellness blog, teach in your community, bring your harvest to market or sell in bulk, or pursue another type of plant-based path, this will guide you as you navigate the things that come along with starting and growing a successful herbal business!

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