How To Start An Email Empire In 2022

How To Start An Email Empire In 2022

How to start an email empire in 2022 is no secret. Who knew that a list would be THEE most important part of your business? Getting started can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Once you put together a solid plan you'll ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner.

How To Start An Email Empire In 2020

Assess Your Audience

If you already have a business, how well do you know your audience? Do you communicate with them weekly? Do you ask them exactly what they want from you and your business? If not, do it. Sometimes figuring out what people want starts with a simple question.

If you are just getting started, don't fret - you have the opportunity to attract your audience starting now. Ask yourself the questions from here, find your ideal audience, and run with it. Objections are the key to knowing exactly what you can do to help your peeps.

Assess your audience, because you can't give what no one wants, and you don't know what people want until you ask. We think that if we build "it", they will come, but that's almost never the case. First ask, then build.

Stick With A Provider

Finding an email provider can be tricky, don't choose one because your favorite YouTuber uses it. We are quick to be influenced so be sure to do your research. Do you love the layout? is it easy to navigate? Do they provide quick customer service? Is it something that you could see yourself logging into daily, find fun to use, and set up?

Just because it's new doesn't mean it is better and vice versa. I personally use Kartra and absolutely love them. No plugs here. Note that it could potentially be an absolute mess to switch later, even though it is possible ( and I have done it). Switching to a new email marketing provider could set you back a month for the ISPs to get registered because of GDPR, so just keep that in mind.

Create Value

Assessing your audience makes this part easier. Once you have identified their wants and needs creating value for them should be relatively easy. Value can be as simple as a single page download, or a webinar that shares 10% of your best information. There are tons of freebies here even if you don't have a website yet.

Utilize Your Bio

Think of your bio as a handshake, it should be direct and fun, but leave your audience wanting to learn more. Your bio should ultimately lead to a link that allows you to capture a lead. This could be through a PDF, webinar, video tutorial, or an offer like a discount code, etc.

Not utilizing your link is one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make. If you already have a website, don't go through a third-party app. This lessens your chances of your website being seen and clicked. 

No Website No Problem

No website, no problem, and actually even better. You can grow your email empire simply by obtaining a unique URL through a hosting site. 

The majority of email marketing providers host lead pages for you. This way you can grow your list without using the excuse "no website." Analyze your audience and then create your website based on the information you receive. Test two leads and see which works better in order to create more valuable information based on the findings.

Still don't think email list building is important? Or maybe you're not sure if it works for the type of business you have... Head here to watch the free masterclass!

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