How To Start Your Email List Without A Website

How To Start Your Email List Without A Website

Starting a website could potentially be holding you back from starting your business or most importantly, an email list. How to start your email list without a website couldn't be easier and fortunately, you don't need one in order to start a budding empire.

How To Start Your Email List Without A Website

Create A Freebie

A freebie is essentially something that you give to your audience in exchange for their email. This can be a PDF guide/book, worksheet/workbook, checklist, video training, audio recording, quiz, mini-workshop/ecourse, challenge, kit, community, resource library, or maybe something unique to your niche. It doesn't have to be perfect, just something you know your audience will love and get value from.

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Create A Landing Page

A landing page is where your freebie will be hosted and delivered automatically. When someone lands on this page they will be asked for their email and then receive the freebie. This is the reason you don't need a website in order to get started. Landing pages have their own unique URL which allows you to post it where are links are accessible. For instance, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Your audience can click on the link and be redirected accordingly.

If you plan to build a website, but need a little more time, consider your marketing provider ahead of time. This is so that you don't have to transfer your leads later. I personally use Kartra for everything in my business, email, lead pages, memberships, courses, webinars, help desk, and more. I used to use 6 different applications to run my business, it was costly and password overload.

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Create A Form

If you would rather get personalized information for your audience this might be a better fit. If you are a health coach, but want to screen your potential clients prior, do this by creating a form. Google forms and Typeform are free options and they have their own unique URL and act as a landing page.

Google Forms

Share Your Offer

Once you have created your freebie, start talking about it! Your current audience will have no idea what you have unless you tell them. So shout it from the mountain tops. Create copy related to your freebie. For example, if you created a quiz, ask your followers if they have taken it yet. If you created a form and are using it to build a fitness challenge, let your audience know the only way to be considered is through the form.

Don't just share about it once either, find ways to incorporate it across all social media accounts. The biggest mistake I see people make is creating something and only talking about it once. The hope is that people will figure it out on their own, chances are they won't, be present and consistent.

Analysis & Build

I recommend making at least two freebies to start and see which is more popular amongst your peeps. If you are a massage therapist, make freebie about stretches and preventatives related to common pain areas. Or one video, related to massage techniques that you can do at home. See which of the two gets more leads so that you can continue to play off of that one freebie.

Unsure of where to start? Try surveying your audience to see exactly what they want to see or hear more of. Giving people two options is a great way to start analyzing your leads so that you can build a well-balanced email list.

Now that you have the URL link to your freebie, how can you optimize it across all platforms? I'm glad you asked. Stay tuned for all the exact breakdown on how I utilize my bios to build my email empire daily!

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