How To Think Big To Grow Big

How To Think Big To Grow Big

Episode 12 of The Rad Show Podcast: How To Think Big To Grow Big. I love to talk a lot about mindset on the podcasts because I believe that you MUST start there in order to be successful anywhere. When you shift your mindset to become a positive one there's honestly no holding you back. A quick example of this is having a sheer desire to get ahead. By simply believing you can succeed your mental power will shift to help you get the job done, and as a byproduct, you will create a support system by inspiring others to place confidence in you.

How powerful is that? Just believe in yourself.

So on the show, I'm sharing techniques to help you get started so that you can not only create a successful business, but also a new routine to constantly challenge your mind to think big daily. 


How To Think Big To Grow Big

Constantly Boost Your Creative Thinking Skills

There comes a time where we just stop learning or wanting to learn. We become stagnant and less likely to search for information if it’s not presented to us. Instead of spending countless hours watching tv or playing games on the phone, be receptive to new ideas and take as many opportunities as possible to try new things. Even if it's a plan to visit one new restaurant a month, cook a food you know zero things about, or walk in a different direction. There is always something new to try.

Think big means diversifying your lifestyle, spend time with people who support you, but who also challenge your beliefs and ideas openly. Join a community that is the complete opposite of your occupation. For example, if you are in sales, take a creative class on graphic design, interior design, or maybe an international cooking class. These opportunities help you to gain different ideas that may help you in the future. Maybe from the graphic design class, you will learn how to make your own advertisements. Perhaps you'll be able to train an employee to have this skill set. 

Say Bye To Negative Thinking By Thinking And Acting Positive

Unfortunately, negative thinking is a lot easier to do than positive. We might not even know how negative we are being because of where we are placed or the company we keep. You will never be able to achieve big things with a small mind and negative thoughts. If you see negative, you act negative, you are negative. If you see positive, you do positive and you become positive. Which would you rather be? 

What you watch, listen to, allow into your space, and ultimately who you hang around with will create your experience. 

I don't allow myself to interact with things that are negative. So no, for me that's not watching horror shows, hospital shows, or reality tv. Mostly because I don't like them, watching other people's drama brings me no pleasure. I want to fill my space with gratitude and things of beauty. I don't have time for, The Real Housewives or The Bachelor. Call me crazy because people love that shit! I'm not saying not to watch these things. But if you were to fill that space with an hour of learning something that actually interests you instead of saying “one day..." or “I don't have the time!” chances are you will get more done and feel more fulfilled instead of wallowing over things that are irrelevant.

Think big about how you want a conversation to start. “Did you hear about what happened on the latest episode of XYZ, Karen dies, it's so sad she has cancer. I hope I don't get cancer."  Versus, "I learned this awesome technique in my design class today. You have to see it! I made a couple, posted it, and someone wants to purchase it. I'm so excited! I can teach you!" I'm hoping you chose the latter. Karen doesn't exist. You took her out of the show and brought her into your life in hopes of not getting a disease. Like what is that? Why do we do these things? Your mind doesn't know better and you have to train it to see things in a different light. That's when your world really starts to shift. 

Find What Makes You Different And Turn It Into What Lights You Up

Being different is like your own unique superpower. While some people are obsessed with conforming and being the same, embrace what makes you so fantastically different. This doesn't have to be something physical. It can be the way you teach, a specific skill that you perfected over the years, how you have an eye for color, the way you make people laugh, or you're a great listener. You recognize that you indeed have this unique superpower and have used it to bring value to other people's lives.

Let's say you are a coach and you make your team laugh. Remind yourself that this is what sets you apart from other coaches. You recognize that you are an influential member of the sport. This boosts your confidence and encourages you to contribute your best every day. Write yourself a pep talk and say it every day. “sell-yourself-to-yourself". Remind you of what makes you different, what you bring to the table, and how they distinguish you from everyone else.

Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

Have you ever known someone who has been mean to you for no reason? Naturally, your first reaction would be, "what's the deal with him/her?" and brand them as a bad egg. What you may have thrown out is that they are just like you. There might be something bigger they are battling and the reason for their attitude. I'm sure you have heard the saying, treat others how you want to be treated. In their case, it might take you biting your tongue but, regardless, treat them like an important individual. People just want to be heard and you could be the difference in their day.

You'll notice the shift in attitude when you do this they will start treating you in a positive manner. This stands firm for your workspace as well as everyday life. Think big by treating people with respect. You then earn respect, people are more likely to be by your side as you are trying to create your success. Whatever that may look like for you. No one rises to the top alone, there are always people around you to help you along the way. It is rare for a single person to pull themselves up to a high-level position of success with no help. It's more likely to be lifted by the people around you. Commit to nurturing relationships regardless of the situation and always remember there are opportunities to be had and you should always treat people as though they can make or break your career.

Your Home Is Your Mind As An Interior, Create Quality

This relates to eliminating negative thinking by thinking and acting positively but in regards to your environment. Your home is your mind as an interior and it should be high quality. So your study area, work area, leisure time, living space, dining area, all of it high-quality. Your space should always encourage and support your goals. “You are what you eat” is a common phrase and it implies that if you want to have a healthy body, you need to follow a healthy diet. That same idea applies to your mentality.

That what you think is influenced by what you see, what you read, your decor, and so on. Think of your surroundings by asking yourself this question: Will it help me to grow as a person? A really great book I love is Sage Living. The concept is simple, Anne Sage gives you inspiration and easy techniques to apply to your interior revolving around your hobbies, career, and general lifestyle. For example, If I'm a painter, I want to have a space that inspires me to create art. So books on art, pictures I've created hanging on the wall, an artist that inspires me, or maybe a mood board to help me plan out my next painting. Create a space that speaks to you to elevate your mind and start the think big process.

Attitudes Are Mirrors Of The Mind

People will always pick up on them. This is something I learned at a young age, it cost me a job as well. I'm no stranger to wearing my heart on my sleeve and it always showed. Let me tell you that I was NOT a hoot growing up. I was a miserable kid, with the attitude of punky brewster and Sophia Petrillo drunk and smashed into one tiny body. Always in trouble for talking out of turn, saying terrible things, and hurting people's feelings because of how I was feeling on the inside. For a few years, I worked for a performance company and I'd always have people telling me to smile!

Its a heck of a lot easier said than done to tell someone that everything will be fine, that building business or living life in general is sunshine and rainbows because it's fucking not. Life can suck some major D, but what I am saying is that you won't see the opportunities that await you with an attitude that blocks out possibilities. A lot of coaches, educators, and mentors put on a big smile and talk about not having a care in the world, and that they shit sparkles every day and while that actually might be the case, that’s not my idea of an honest and open relationship with my audience and I'm not here to tell you that.

What you see on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all social media platforms are what they want you to see, but don't be fooled. However, I will tell you this. Having a positive outlook and attitude has done more good than bad in my experience. Thinking woe is me has made everything woe is me, thinking why is this happening to me, keeps things happening to me, saying happy people need to fuck off, kept happy people from entering my life. Here's what it comes down to mindset takes work. Adopting an attitude that brims with positivity takes work. But, being happy and confident with your decisions in life will build more confidence, sustain better moods, and help you to feel your best even when you are at your worst. Believe that what you are doing in life is important and worthwhile because it is, and you are. 

Build Confidence And Destroy Fear

Fear does exist and it can be the number one enemy preventing you from being successful in what you want to do. Fear of other people is a real thing, but you forget that people are just like you. However, all fears have the same antidote. Confidence. Think big to grow big requires confidence. Here are a few things you can do to start building your confidence: sit in the front row, talk in front of a camera, voice talk to yourself or an audience that you'd like to someday have, make more eye contact, walk 25% faster than your peers, strengthen your self-awareness and smile more even when there's nothing to smile about. 

Starting a podcast was easy only because I created a course, but even so, if you listen to episodes 1 and 2 my intro is shit. But it's fine, and I have no intention of changing it because heck we all start somewhere and that's the fun of it. Perfection will kill us if we let it, intro or not this podcast was something I've been wanting to do. Even talking to the mic was crazy weird when I first started and I still get nervous but over time it fades.

The entrepreneurial herbal lab is my first online course. It was crazy nerve-wracking. My palms were sweating, I thought people would hear every little breath and it felt weird talking to no one. I re-recorded over and over and over again until I found some comfort. Quite honestly I wish I did it a lot sooner because I gave this small action power - a fear that ended up being nothing. Fear is going to happen friend, it's going to be there, but fear is what should fuel you. I'm still fearful of so many things, but if you just do them and start to build confidence you will eliminate the worst of it and it will become second nature to you. Just start and if you fail, start again, and again, and again. This takes us into our next point.

Be Eager To Find Ways To Try Again

Let’s be real, starting and running a business is going to be full of failures. But failures are quick to find reasons why they have failed while successful people are eager to find ways to try again. Yes. So do you want to be a failure or successful? Will you be quick to find all the reasons you failed or will be pushing to find all the ways to try again? It's a classic take on “there are two types of people”.

Everything has been done before, think about that. There is nothing different about the way you are starting your business to how some of the most successful people in the industry started a business. Yet some make it and some don't. Successful people have encountered the same discouragement and personal misfortunes as they are just like you and me. But The way you choose to handle setbacks and challenges will separate you from your peers.

The term think big doesn't just apply to idea idea idea. It also applies to being able to sit back and understand what worked and what didn't with an open mind. Reach your goals by devising a plan then study setbacks and mistakes made along the way. This will help you to understand where you can improve. Goals are easy to generate but pointless without action. Before you even take action, you need to create a plan to make sure that achieving your goal can become a reality.

Organize your goals through a calendar, an app, or one of my favorites asana. For example, I create my course outlines inside of asana. After a launch, I go back in and see where I can move certain dates, or insert different strategies if something didn't go right or my numbers were off. I don't sit back after a launch and think about all the ways everything went wrong. I simply accept what happened and then reevaluate.  Don't put energy into discouraging yourself. Rather put your energy toward what I can do better to make myself and business more accepting of the next opportunity? All plans come with setbacks, analyze them, and execute your path to success moving forward. 

In Summary

Remember guys successful people aren't any more talented or deserving than other people. They are just more driven and more confident due to their self-worth and self-belief. However, these qualities are within everyone and once realized, have the potential to make success an accomplished reality. 

I'll leave you with this mantra: "You are focusing on all of the good in your life right now, for you can't control everything. But you can control how you see everything today. you choose to see all of the good things around you. It feels so good to witness these Miracles and be grateful for all of the good." Continue to think big to grow big inside and out.

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