Make Your Own Skincare Naturally And Safely

Make Your Own Skincare Naturally And Safely

Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, so why do companies make products that can potentially kill us? Too harsh? Not at all. I want to share with you 5 reasons to make your own skincare and the toxic chemicals found in everyday products because you, have to right to know.

5 Reasons To Make Your Own Skincare

One: Ingredients

Ingredients is that crazy long list on the back of your package. While we don't want to have to skim through 1762 words, in all reality, you probably shouldn't buy it. Especially if it has that much stuff in it. The main ingredients I want you to look out for are Parabens, Fragrance, and EDTA.

All three of these things have the ability to harm us on a cellular level. From hormone disruptors, fertility blockers, increased risk of cancer, and more. However, none of them are actually necessary to even add-in. The average fragrance product contains 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label, and EDTA is a form of formaldehyde! So tell me why this is in skincare again?!

More on Parabens, Fragrance, and EDTA HERE>>>

Two: Price

I don't know about you, but I never feel too pumped to dish out $150-$200 on skincare monthly. You might find it surprising to know that some people actually feel like the more expensive the better it is. That's clearly not the case. I show you exactly how I broke down an expensive face cream from $87.95 to $6.93 while removing all the bad ingredients.

More on the breakdown HERE>>>

Three: Eco-Friendly

The beauty industry generates a lot of plastic waste, but can it change? The answer is YES. It comes down to consumerism. What we decide to purchase will ultimately have a larger effect on what companies have to create, this is a fact. If you continue to support companies that use plastic, the system will continue to make them. If we as a whole, decide to start purchasing reusable containers, and support companies that are pro-glass and other recyclable containers,  the system will change. It’s happening now as we speak! 

Four: Customized Formula Is Key

There is no such thing as "one size fits all." There doesn't have to be either, our skin changes as we age, no one will ever use the same skin regime for their entire life. When I was younger my skin was oilier, and over time it's become a little drier. This is a result of our age, bodily makeup, genes, where we live, what surrounds us, food habits, daily activity, and so on. So, you see how it is hard to exclaim that one size will fit all? Or that you only have 4 types of skin: normal oily dry and aging.

Five: Creativity Wins

Stock up on supplies like carrier oils, essential oils, herbs, butters, and waxes. This allows you to have endless options and a range of material to work with when creating your own apothecary for yourself and others. In the Entrepreneurial Herbal Lab, there are a bunch of huge lists and tips on how to stock up on all the goods from tools to everything I just mentioned.

Get creative with it, make your own products with ingredients you trust and know. Your skin is essential to this life, why harm yourself DAILY now that you know what's lurking in your products. Just because someone uses it on YouTube doesn't mean you have to too, be bigger than that, you're a creative, use that to your advantage.

Watch this FREE Live Masterclass HERE. We cover more in-depth: 5 Reasons To Make Your Own Skincare and really break it down

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