National Tea Holidays

National Tea Holidays

Of course there are National Tea Holidays! While we don’t need a holiday to drink tea these are still great ways to celebrate and share with others. Some of these holidays are geared towards specific teas, while others the whole month for awareness, and of course just a celebration for tea in general. You can find all the dates at the end of this post. 

You might be wondering how exactly one celebrates a tea holiday. While there is no right or wrong answer, here are a few ways you can create your own traditions and enjoy what you already love - times 10!

6 Ways To Celebrate National Tea Holidays

1. Throw A Party!

Like food holidays - invite your friends over for a tea party. Get together and share your favorite teas, finger sandwiches, and desserts. You can create the ambiance by being dressed up or down and make the entire afternoon a tea moment. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this. Picnic in the park, at a traditional tea house, or rent a quaint AirB. Make a list of all the things you guys want to bring like scones, fruits, quiche, and small tarts! Yum! (Also, invite me!) 

2. Try Something New

Tea holidays are a great time to try something new. Maybe on national Iced Tea Day you create different variations of iced tea. Or on National Hot Tea Day you get a recommendation or something customized to fit your needs at the time. There are so many beautiful teas from all over the world I often wonder if someone has tried them all!

3. Learn More About Tea And Its Global Impact

A great day to learn more about tea is International Tea Day. Originally this day was created to help spread awareness about the tea workers’ and the impact this trade has. Awareness can help promote actions to implement activities in favor of the sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty. (1)

4. Support Small Businesses 

Find local businesses that supply tea. This is an amazing way to not only try something new, but also support small businesses. Other ways you can support them besides purchasing, are to leave well rounded reviews, promote them on social media, extend a helping hand, and continue spreading the word!

Melody Herbal Tea

5. Start a Herbal Tea Garden

Times are changing and that includes herbal awareness. Don’t be afraid to start a personal Tea Herb Garden at home or in your local community garden. It’s a great way to meet new people, share knowledge, and be more hands on in your community. A few easy herbs you can start with are peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender! If you want to learn more about how to harvest and dry out these herbs for personal use check out our Members Only Portal which has supporting continued learning and information to help guide you on your herbal journey.

6. Expand Tea Knowledge

Where to start - there is SO much to learn about tea. I’ve been studying herbs for quite some time now and I still find myself learning something new everyday. Whether it's a true to or a tisane, I feel like there is 100% more to learn. Grab an educational book, take a class, or book a foraging tour! Remember, there is no wrong way to learn.

National Tea Holidays


National Hot Tea Month
January 12 – National Hot Tea Day (US)


    February 6 – Matcha Day (Japan)


      National Caffeine Awareness Month


      April 21 – National Tea Day (UK)
      April 30 – National Bubble Tea Day (US)


      May 2 – National Matcha Day (US)

      May 21 – International Tea Day 

      June – National Iced Tea Month


      June 10 – National Iced Tea Day (US)
      June 16 – Japanese Sweets Day (Japan)
      Last Friday in June – National Cream Tea Day (UK)


      no tea dates known


      Second Full Week in August – Afternoon Tea Week (UK)



      September 21 – National Chai Day 


      October 31 – Japanese Tea Day (Japan)


      November 30 – National Mate Day (Argentina)


      no tea dates known


      Regardless of how you decide to spend your tea holidays, enjoy quality tea time and don’t forget to subscribe to our email so you never miss a post. Cheers! 


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