Sustainable Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List | 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Sustainable Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List | 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We love sharing our sustainable gift ideas with you and so does Mother Earth! This year we are not only sharing Blu Radical Apothecary goods but also woman-owned, minority-owned, and small businesses to feature in our 2022 sustainable holiday gift guide. Our hope is that you find something you or a loved one will love this year and that we do our part in making our carbon footprint that much smaller this year.

Gifts For The Tea Drinker & Reader

Ceramic Tea Pot From Singing Pots

Jess Rene a Seattle resident is a pottery maker and Indigenous woman. She also takes custom orders, you can find her on her website along with Etsy. 

Gifts For The Bookworm From Cafe Con Libros

Cafe con Libros (coffee with books) is an intersectional Feminist community bookstore and coffee shop.  Through our choice of books, programming, and great coffee, we endeavor to create a vibrant community space where everyone; specifically female-identified folx, feels centered, affirmed, and celebrated.  

Loose Leaf Tea From Blu Radical Apothecary

Find a variety of different teas and tisanes or have one custom made! 

Gifts For The Foodie

Perfect Pots & Pans From Our Place

Find a beautiful array of home cookware and accessories. The colors are limitless. "In an industry that made everyone feel inadequate, we took a new approach and created products that celebrated the beauty and joy of home cooking."

- Shiza Shahid

Really Beautiful Spices From Diaspora Co. 

Diaspora Co. is a spice company founded by Sana Javeri Kadri, a third-generation Mumbai native. The company prides itself on its tight-knit and ethical relationships with farm partners in India and Sri Lanka. Aside from paying farm partners an average of six times more than the commodity price, it's also transparent about its supply chain.


Sampler Box From IndiFix 

A box full of authentic Indian goodies delivered to your door. After spending her childhood in New Delhi, India, Indifix founder Zain Ali moved to Wisconsin to attend Lawrence University, and grew increasingly homesick. IndiFix was born.

Gifts For The Home

Window Solar Power Charger From GroupHug

Grouphug was founded by Krystal Persaud, a product designer based out of New York City. Krystal is obsessed with developing products that fall in the intersection of education, technology, and society. Anything else is not worth designing.

Eco-Friendly Bedding From Ettitude

Co-founded by Phoebe Yu, the company makes its silky products from 100% bamboo that uses a "non-toxic, closed-loop system that saves 98% of the water."

Soy Wax Candles From Nose Best

I'm a huge fan of reusable containers so these candles stole my heart. The cutest part? Every enchanting fragrance blend is paired with a curated Spotify playlist and cocktail recipe. POC, Queer, and Woman-led candle start-up <3

Home Decor From BFGF

BFGF is an art brand created by Lilian Martinez. BFGF offers accessible and functional art objects for the home and body. It is inspired by comfort, beauty and humor :)

Thrifted Finds From Things.PDX

Black owned and operated vintage and second hand things.

Gifts For The Sustainably Fashionable

Sustainable Shoes From The Root Collective

*Not minority-owned but a really nice story.* The Root Collective works with artisans in Guatemala to create much needed jobs. They also share the pictures of the makers, along with their sustainability model + social impact.

Coffee Bag Accessories

Ethically made bags using repurposed materials by crafting unique bags from coffee sacks and leather alternatives. Evril’is committed to reviving the Philippine coffee farming industry by planting a coffee seedling with each bag purchased.

Upcycled Jackets From Blu Radical Apothecary

All of our adornments are from used, recycled, or gifted new-ish materials. We try to create something unique and cozy by offering one-offs that only you will have. Being unique is kind of our thing ;). 

Sustainably Made Jewelry From Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Jewellery is designed and made to be worn forever using sustainable, lasting materials. Hannah aims to design timeless pieces that can be passed between generations of wearers. Dangerous Goods Jewellery is made by Hannah Davis-Gray in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa - Auckland, New Zealand.

Activewear By SheNative

Indigenous owned, “Indigenous women face systemic barriers and challenges, often encountering victimization, sexualization and racial profiling. We believe that everyone has the inner strength needed to overcome barriers. Everyone can live a full, meaningful and abundant life.”


Gifts For Self-Care & Beauty

Artisan Soap From Nizhoni Soaps

Own and ran by a 13 year old girl named Kamia Begay. Obsessed with her!


Zero-Waste Makeup Line From Axiology

Erika the founder of Axiology started her business in a kitchen. They specialize in lip tints and face tints all zero-waste products. 

Natural Scents From Curionoir

Maori owned, Tiffany Witehira draws on her past to bring forth this rich experience. These scents are specially curated through rooted traditions and memories of her elders. The shop also features hand blown glass candles, heirloom perfume bottles, boxed sampler sets. 


Dynamic Duo From Blu Radical Apothecary

Our Green Tea Cream Cleanser + Wildfire Hydrate & Glow Oil are a combo worth trying. Completely plant-based, soothing, & healing. 

For The Love Of Shaving From Oui The People

Founded by Karen Young. All products are free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrolatum, and synthetic fragrance, and the containers are glass, recyclable, or refillable. 

Gifts For The Artsy

Colorful Prints From Maese Art 

In her current body of work you will see her ongoing journey to heal and to share her family’s and community’s stories. She aims to create pieces that embody Indigenous life, joy, resilience and relationship to Land.

2023 Calendar From ATA Studio

Indigenous Owned A. Thompson. She also has masks, shirts, aprons, stickers, paintings, and more.

Gifts For Children

Sustainable Clothing from Cubbiekit

Cubbiekit makes 100% recyclable, sustainably-made clothing that is donated to families in need or recycled responsibly so it doesn't harm the planet. Owner Salwa Khan. 


DIY With Kids From Wood Lark

This blog makes me smile, it's full of adventure and sweet ideas to do with your little loves. While nothin is purchasable there a tons of things you can learn to make and be sustainable. Ashley is the Founder. "Woodlark nurtures an appreciation for the art of making things by hand, making conscious decisions for the wellbeing of the earth and living deeply rooted in the seasons."

Children's Puzzles From Keiki Kakau

Beautifully-colored, tactile wooden puzzle features all of your favorite Hawaiian grinds found everywhere from Waikiki lū'aus to food trucks across the islands. Created by Hawai‘i mom and former school teacher April Hail.

Hope you find something special in our line up this year. 

Happy holidays, 



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