The Benefits Of Starting Your Home Apothecary

The Benefits Of Starting Your Home Apothecary

The benefits of having an apothecary is a million-fold, though I won't go into detail about all of them. However, I will tell you a few of the amazing highlights that I have grown to love over my many years of having a product-based apothecary business.

When I first started my business, people weren't very open to the idea. I'd get comments such as, "What in the world is an apothecary, are you a witch?" and "There are REAL doctors that cure us of our ailments." I guess it never really occurred that you could potentially help yourself. Here are nine ways having an apothecary is beneficial.

The Benefits Of Having An Apothecary

One: Knowledge

If you don’t like to read, learn, or be a wizard this is not for you friend. You will gain so much knowledge over the years. I have been doing this for almost a decade and I still learn something new every day. A big part of that is, I love to learn, the knowledge, the classes, and the apothecary/holistic communities. It's what I am passionate about.

There is not one book, one class, or one person that knows absolutely everything there is to know about plants, and there never will be. Having a home apothecary means that you will continue to learn indefinitely. So if you LOVE knowledge this is for you. Hello, fellow plant nerd!

Two: Teacher Teacher

Making tea from scratch will always amaze people, "Where did you learn that? How? Teach me!" Yes, you will always teach this ancient remedy that got lost somewhere in time. You'll eventually teach how to make tea, which herbs to use, how to use them topically and internally, and other ways to improve life. From teas to balms, salves, and tinctures, you will always be a teacher, always continuing to inspire and show people how to take care from the inside out. 

Three: Make It

Have a headache? I have something for that. Back pain? I got you. Aromatherapy? Don't worry, I have all the things for that too. Imagine having all the tools you need to make something to help yourself or someone. That's wizard. Nothing is more rewarding than being capable of making something that heals, coming from your hands. It's a gift.

Four: Gift Galore

You'll find that making extra products comes in handy for holidays, birthdays, and special events. What's not to love about a homemade gift?! Friends and family will adore getting something handmade, it says so much more than a store-bought concoction or another item they don't need.

Five: Living Off The Land

Think about it, you can pick up herbs at the store and potentially turn it into something amazing. That in itself is so remarkable, the tools that we need are right outside our doors, in our garden, on our window sills. We are truly surrounded and inspired by plants every single day, to live off the land as the universe intended. Why are we not taking advantage of this? Why are we not trying to use the plants around us, and see that they are the answer to all our needs? 

Six: Creativity

We are all creative beings we just have to choose how to use our talents in this world. Creativity is the key to living, and if you are anything like me, you know exactly what I mean. From designing your first logo, to playing with colors, printing stickers, web design, and seeing it all come together is the absolute best. 

Not being able to be creative in all that I was doing, kept me from staying with numerous jobs, the boring meter was just too high. If creativity is something that you desire, the benefits of having an apothecary isn't just in the optimal health section of your life, but also will continue to be a creative force when it comes to creating your brand and products.

Seven: Becoming An Entrepreneur

I don't care what anyone tells you, once you think of a name and stick with it, YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. You have successfully created your own business, put it out into the world, and own it. You friend, are an entrepreneur. Repeat that to yourself, I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR! That is some powerful shit, right there. Own that.

There's nothing more powerful than having your own business, something to take care of, nurture, and watch bloom. Take your life seriously, take your goals seriously, take this new business seriously. When people ask you what you do, tell them! You are an entrepreneur and you own your own business, shout it to the world.

When I first started my business, I would shyly add it to a conversation. You know what, that was a shit move. I wasn't being proud of what I was doing or who I was becoming. I didn't show I that I was proud of what I had put out into the world, and that's a shame. Why? Because I felt like an imposter. Who am I to be a business owner, who am I to give people these products, who am I to sell them and to get money in return?

Once I started to be confident in my business, I got so much love and support. If you don't talk about it, no one will know. Honestly, no one is waiting around to judge you, to watch your failures, and to point and laugh at you. No, they are waiting to watch you bloom because you inspire them, to get your latest products, and to cheer you on. So show up!

Eight: Passive Income

Blu Radical Apothecary wasn't my only job at the time. the money that I made from products, I would invest right back into making more products until I was actually profiting. Making money while you sleep is like nothing else. Once you experience that, you won't want to stop. Money isn't the biggest factor, but it helps. You do what you love to do, and if you are helping people along the way it's a win-win.

Passive income is something I strived for and wanted, but I didn't quite know how, why or what I was going to do to achieve that. I straight cried when I made my first sale on Etsy, one sale had filled me with so much joy. When people talk about huge launches, or how they made 100k overnight, honestly I was happy to make one $12 sale. An apothecary is not a money scheme, it is not something that can make you a million dollars overnight, but if you work hard, have a clear vision, want this, and understand YOUR why, it will grow.

Nine: Holistic Healing

A home apothecary is something that everyone must have even if it isn't running as a business. Holistic healing and alternative medicine have been around for centuries, but is only now starting to be something people are more aware of. Yes we have doctors and yes we have surgeons, but why go to the hospital if you don't have to by starting to care for your body from the inside out? Why experience trauma when you have the ability to heal?

"To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow"

I hope you can see the real value here and that you are curious to learn more. The Entrepreneurial Herbal Lab is my signature course that teaches the nitty-gritty basics: herbalism 101, branding, and the tech side of things so that you can start your own home apothecary and product-based business.

Are you as excited as I am?? Because I'm wiggling in my seat ready to burst with information! I'm super excited for you to start this journey with me.

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