Why Your Apothecary Needs An Email List

Why Your Apothecary Needs An Email List

Email lists are all the buzz, and if you already have one - internet high-five! Apothecaries date back centuries but have quickly made their way back to the spotlight. Recipes, tips, and techniques might be those of our ancestors, but our approach to reach the masses in today’s society needs to be more current (not via pigeon). Email lists are just as much value to apothecaries as they are to any other business.

I know it sounds extremely overwhelming. I’ve been there, trust me. I had been doing it all wrong from day one! I realized that if I have these big dreams and these huge goals, I needed an email list quickly. The people on my email tribe are the truest, most supportive bunch of people, I have ever virtually met. When I have questions they answer, if I need reviews they don’t hesitate, when I have something to promote, they are all for it, feeling just as excited as I am. Having an email list is like having a huge extended family of support which is weird to say but so true.

Though apothecaries are old fashioned your techniques into marketing don’t have to be. You and I are both not here to be sleazy salespeople. You need to reshape your mindset with the intention of genuinely letting people know what you and your business are about, virtual pen pal style. Email lists give you an opportunity to engage and attract the right people to your business. By the end of this post, I hope you are saying “Where do I start?”

Social Media Isn’t Enough

As beneficial as social media might seem, it isn’t enough. What do I mean?

Through the years, all the social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more have upped their specifics. For example, the algorithm: Not being able to see peoples posts unless we search specifically for them or manually turn on notifications to see all our favorite people. If your audience doesn’t do this, it’s hard to reach them and expand our business and grow our tribe.

Did you know that only 6% of social media posts are ever seen by your audience? And a message is 5x more likely to be seen in an email than Facebook? Facebook owns Instagram so they operate similarly which means “Pay to Play” model. If you want your posts to be seen, especially as a business, you’re going to have to start paying up.

What if one day, social media doesn’t exist, and while that sounds insane, think about it. What if your account disappears, gets hacked, banned or you get pushed off a platform? What will happen to all your followers? We don’t own our followers, nor do we own social media. We can’t create an experience through social media as much as we can create an experience through our emails or websites. The main goal with social media is to not rely on it completely, but to think of it as an opportunity to meet people and invite them back to your website, email, or other space that you do have control over.

Email List In Action

66% of consumers have purchased something directly from email

72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through emails not social media

3.57% of people click through on links from email compared to .07% on Facebook

How To Make An Active Email

Step 1

Have strong email subject lines to get recipients to click and read

Step 2

Set an intention with each email, is it intended to serve, entertain, or sell?

Step 3

Strong call to action, this should be front and center in your email, bold lettering, clickable links, but shouldn’t make your reader scroll to find it. Clear, strong, precise call to action.

A few ideas for apothecary related emails:

Send out a testimonial about how helpful a product or tip was from someone and include a call to action to purchase the same products as mentioned.

Exclusive offers, discounts, or promotional code that you only provide your subscribers.

Link to parts of your website blog or shop.

Launch an email campaign for something up and coming.

Helpful tips and recipes related to apothecary with clickable resources for affiliates.

A few email subject line examples:


“The email I promised you”

“This is great!”

“You don’t want to miss this”

“Hurry, it’s almost over…”

“This recipe is AMAZING”

“I can’t wait to show you this!”

“EXCLUSIVE: member only deal”

“Why I need to tell you (enter detail)”

A few email providers I love:



Optin Monster 

Hopefully, you can see why having an email list is not just for large corporations. How big are your goals? How much do you love what you do, and want to share it with the world and more? Depending on how you want to move forward with intention, starting an email list for your apothecary could mean the world of difference. Providing information about your business and what type of value you have to offer is the first step. Social media is great for the initial handshake to invite potential clients back to your website where you can create their experience. This will, in turn, drive profits, grow your customers, and allow you to pivot whenever you feel the need to. Email lists are essentially an inbox of freedom. I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without my email list and I’m so grateful to each and every one.   

I teach growing an apothecary business and email marketing in the book, How To Start, Grow, & Monetize A Successful Herbal Business.

Hope this post helped you!

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