I'm big on funky handshakes, anything unconventional and creative, and teaching people like you how to live an abundant and rad life, naturally.

This isn't your average apothecary, this is also a learning hub. 

Around these neck of the woods, I share all my biggest secrets from running a full-time apothecary business to the realness that is entrepreneurship. 

My superpower is helping people become the best version of themselves through herbalism while pursuing the knowledge of this long forgotten practice.

Hello and welcome! I’m Sarah (but friends call me Sai!). I’m an herbalist on a mission to provide support and knowledge with affordable products and practical advice to help heal or build through herbalism. At Blu Radical Apothecary, we believe that plant remedies enhance our own experience of wellness and they foster our reverence for Mother Earth. I’m proud to be building a business that helps the curious like you, so that you can live the life you deserve and bridge the gap between ourselves and nature. Through my company, I offer free content, expert consultations, and innovative products to make a difference to help you heal naturally from the inside out.

Everything I know and have learned has been through a personal health struggle. 

Eleven years ago, you could probably find me working seven days a week nonstop, I was high-strung, exhausted, and a complete work, sleep, repeat zombie. However, my body had other plans. At 24, but probably earlier, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis; while in surgery having an unexpected ovary removed. That situation changed the trajectory of my life and led me to launch this beautiful holistic business I have today. Through my research I found that there were so many other women like me suffering from these internal nightmares without any real answers. I made it my goal to not only help women who have similar issues, but anyone who has a few minutes to spare for their health. I wanted to educate others that it is possible to heal yourself the way I did, detoxify your surroundings, change your mindset, and grow an herbal business doing what you love.

My commitment to you, is to bring you the best of what I know as I continue to grow and watch you blossom in your own healing journey. Whether you are looking for small solutions to add to your daily regime, trying to build your own herbal business, or just want informative herbal DIYs - I can’t wait to connect with you!

Love, Sai.