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Melody Tea

Melody Tea

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Newbie tea connoisseur? Not sure what exists outside of Taco Bells raspberry iced tea, Starbucks, or boba options? Not big on black or green tea but still want to get the benefits of plant properties?

High-risk, high-reward. You need change and you need it now. But how can you possibly change your daily habits when you're just not about this herb life?

A combination of Hibiscus, Rosehips, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, & Spearmint makes up this warm and refreshing blend. It's the perfect light infusion and satisfying year-round. Warm, iced, or as a latte, keep this wonderful blend of organic herbs on hand because it's winner! 

P.S. Tweens tend to love this one with a little honey and lemon!

Need some honey to go with your tea? Try this Infused blend of hibiscus and elderberry.

Active Benefits: 

*Protects the liver
* Reduce high blood pressure
* Reduce high cholesterol
* Reduce the risk of cancer
* Supports healthy metabolism
* Strengthens immunity
* Lessens nausea
* Aids digestion
* Helps with weight loss
* Improve Sensitive Skin
* Relieve menstrual pain
* Anti-inflammatory
* Relieve Stress
* Stabilize Mood
* Reduce anxiety
* High levels of vitamin C, minerals, & antioxidants

100% Organic Ingredients

-Melody Tea
-Herbal Blend
-Caffeine Free

-1(ONE) 6oz. Reusable Glass Jar, approximately 16 servings or 32 double steeped servings.

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-Large custom tea orders can take up to 6-12 weeks to create and ship.

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