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NOTION Planner For Creating An Apothecary - Instant Access

NOTION Planner For Creating An Apothecary - Instant Access

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Herbalist! I created this digital Apothecary Planner / Materia Medica Notion template just for YOU!  If you tend to have too many overflowing spaces for your studies and inventory (like me) you are going to LOVE this. 

I have tons of post-its, notebooks, and free falling sheets after 10+ year of learning about plants, so I created this Notion Template to help myself and hopefully you too. 

I'm still a huge fan of handwritten notes and that's why this program is so amazing. You can upload your notes, link to helpful resources, create databases/tables, and more! Plus search your information easily with Notions genius search engine.

(Note: This is a digital download only. And while it has some sample information, it is intended for you to fill it with your own learnings *TEMPLATE*) 


Notion works on your laptop, tablet or phone and syncs instantly.

__________WHAT’S INCLUDED__________
➡️ Herbalist Apothecary Planner Dashboard

➡️ Materia Medica (plant database)

➡️ Body Systems & Indications / symptoms

➡️ Properties like Herbal Actions, Safety, Energetics & more

➡️ Herbal Journal, Inventory Database, + More Trackers

➡️ Recipes template for adding your own remedies & blends

➡️ My Herb Shelf to track what you have in stock

➡️ Resource Tabs For All Things Herbalism

__________WHAT IS NOTION?___________

Notion is a FREE cloud-based / digital application for note-taking, task management and knowledge management. Like a super-charged digital notebook to keep all your stuff in one place. Plus, it’s drag-and-drop easy to customize.
Create a free account at


__________HOW DO I GET ACCESS TO THE TEMPLATE?__________

SHOPBLURADICAL.COM PURCHASE: Upon purchase, you will receive an immediate email with instructions and a link to the template which you easily duplicate into your own Notion account.

ETSY PURCHASE: Upon purchase, you will receive an immediate download of a PDF (which can also be found at with instructions and a link to the template which you can easily duplicate into your own Notion account.

__________STEPS FOR ORDERING__________

1. Create a Free Notion Account
2. Sign in to your Notion Account
3. After purchase, the PDF download will be in your email or Downloads Page on Etsy. Sometimes the download takes up to 5 minutes to appear.
⭐️ 4. Open the PDF. It is full of instructions & helpful tips!
5. Click the links in PDF. 
6. Template will open in a new window.
7. Then you can hit the DUPLICATE button located in the upper right corner.
8. The template will be imported into YOUR personal Notion account, and the changes you make are only visible to you.


- This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT ONLY. Due to digital nature of product, no refunds will be issued for this template. No physical products will be mailed.

- FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please respect the many, many hours of work I put into this template & don’t give the link to others. Do NOT modify and resell.



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****Please see FAQs, Shipping, and Refund Policies****

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