10 "Normal" Things You Don't Have To Do Anymore

10 "Normal" Things You Don't Have To Do Anymore

What is more important than being normal? Being you! People have told us that normal is the way to go, so we went on our merry way and tried to embody the perfect normal. You know what? It just isn't working out, why try to be something we are not? Who is this person who said that normal was the only way to go? I'm here to tell you it's not and that you are perfect the way you are.

10 Normal Things To Say Bye To

One: Say Yes When You Want To Say No

Saying yes when deep down inside you really mean no is normal. Agreeing to do things you aren’t interested in due to pressure is normal. This also builds tremendous resentment and prevents you from doing things that you really want to do.

The easiest way to not do this normal thing anymore? Just say NO. Crazy easy right?! Some people won’t always agree with you, understand, or they might even think of you differently, but so what? You’re not normal and you don’t have to pretend to be, be you and do what makes you happy.

Two: Save Everything

Save just incase, just because, or you spent a fortune on it. because your kids might want it. Save because it’s only going to take up a small amount of space. This is normal.

Save with intention, things that are of true honest value and bring a simple ray of sunshine into your life. When everything is important, nothing is. Be unnormal and lighten up your load.

Three: Apologize When You Aren’t Sorry

We have all been a victim of this normal situation, it leaves us feeling less than and is extremely exhausting. Here’s a quick run-down of normal apologies. Staying home, how we dress, saying no (see number 1), thinking outside of the box, being yourself – quirks and all, changing your mind, putting health first, taking longer than 1 second to reply to a text message or email.

We can be kind and loving without being sorry. Let’s be more unapologetic and live more intentionally.


“If you are different from the rest of the flock, they bite you” 
Vincent O'Sullivan


Four: Explain Your Decision Not To Drink Or Not To Eat Certain Foods

Some things are just your business, and whatever choice you make whether its’ to quit drinking, be vegan, or become a bodybuilder happen to fall under this category. People have the tendency to be nosy and their first responses will always be:

Are you pregnant?

Don’t you like fun?

Are you allergic to alcohol?

Finally on that diet huh?

Why, what’s wrong with you?

Even though you aren’t required to say shit about why your choice is your choice, there is a less confrontational way to approach this which is “I’m not drinking, right now” or I’m not eating meat, right now.” Or “I’ve got this goal I’m working toward, right now” which implies I have (drank, ate meat, been a hot mess) before, and I might later. Speak it with confidence and excitement, people are more likely to just be like “oh ok cool, want something else or let’s do this instead?”


“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” 

- Maya Angelou


Five: Get Burnt Out

Crazy normal right?! Even I had to take a step back and reevaluate. Being normal meant getting physically sick and being in a continuous cycle. Ask yourself why you are so busy? And question if it serves you and if the purpose behind it is meaningful and if there is a better way. The normal way shouldn’t feel terrible, it should feel meaningful, happy, healthy, and abundant.

Six: Hate Your Job

70% of US workers are not engaged in their work according to the Gallup Report. You are not what you do and honestly, you need to change your mindset. If you think, all you are is a retail employee, you will always be a retail employee. If you think I am a retail employee to learn the tricks of the trade in order to open my own business, you will then start to see a shift. Not only will you find your job more appealing but you will go above and beyond to get to where you need to go and it will in turn send you in a new direction.

We all have to start somewhere. I can’t tell you how many different hats I wore just figuring out life. I started Blu Radical Apothecary while I was working two fulltime jobs and a graphic student. Never say never, there is time to start something you love today and if not, there is time to be in an industry you love even if you have to start from the bottom. Hard work never goes unnoticed.


"I've always felt that misfits are far more interesting than normal folks.” 
-Jen Turano


Seven: Be Disappointed By Others

People tend to leave us disappointed due to the fact that our expectations are not met. We assume and expect someone to be a certain way and when they aren’t, disappointment sets in. Drop your expectations and assumptions, give yourself what you need instead. If you are expecting love and kindness from others, how can you give it to yourself first? If you are expecting love and support from others, how can you bring more of that into your life already? Be what you want to attract into your life, but never assume that others will know what you want, or will always be there to fill your voids.

Eight: Be Dismissive Of Change

It is not easier said than done, and that statement must not be in your vocabulary. Saying this keeps hope away, saying this, limits you to the things that you always wanted to do, but you blocked it with this phrase. Change is good, change is always happening, change makes us better. Accept it and move forward with grace. Since you aren’t normal and all ;)

Nine: Use Plastic

Normal people use plastic, and because we aren’t normal we use glass, stainless steel, recyclable products, zero-waste, and eco-friendly everything. This is the best and far from normal band-wagon, you’ll be happy you jumped on.


“I was never meant to be normal and neither were you. There's no such thing as normal anyway.” 
-Emilyann Allen


Ten: Use Your Phone As A Crutch

It’s a beautiful day strolling through the park, I look around to see all these normal people glued to their phones. You’re in a park people! Did you just take your phone on a walk? I don’t know about you but being in a world full of normal people is getting really outrageous. You don’t need your phone 24/7 heck you don’t even need your phone. The amount of panic that sets in without a phone is truly saddening too. Put it down, step away, and know that everything’s going to be ok.

I don’t know who decided that normal was important, and why we strive so hard to be normal. I am truly grateful that these things are no longer a part of my life, and I hope they will soon be gone in yours as well. Normality is for chumps! Be more, want more, grow more,

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