Running Do's And Don'ts : A Quick List

Running Do's And Don'ts : A Quick List

Let’s ease into this topic, shall we? I haven’t always been a runner and in-fact I hated it…A LOT. I also realized that the things that bothered me most about running is that I didn't know enough about it to actually enjoy it. Enter, running do's and don'ts a quick list of things that could make a huge difference in your running experience.

I don’t know which was worse, the shin splints, the fact that I was sweating, or just the mere reason that running didn’t make sense. I used to think - people know that they don’t have to do that right?! I especially wasn’t thrilled when P.E. called for that timed-fucking-mile. Seriously? Why?

Twenty Something

It wasn’t until my early twenties that I decided to give running another go. I’ve worked in night clubs for most of my career as a bartender, running around, and standing for hours. slowly my legs felt like they were severely unconditioned and I lost most of my muscle definition from not doing much other physical activity (thanks to good ole' aging).

I had always envied runners bodies, though I hated the actual activity but the image was always something I gravitated toward. Lean, strong, and wind in my hair as I smile for miles. Magazines and commercials make it look so effortless, like - hey, it’s me, running like a gazelle looking for berries... and I wanted to forge for berries too! so damn it, I did!

Not "Normal" Tendencies

Enter some weird physical metamorphosis of me actually going to the store to purchase my FIRST pair of real running shoes, and from there everything else was history. I’ve converted friends, and there’s no turning back!

Now I know that I can't just tell you a story and you will magically love running too, however, if someone like myself can actually learn to love running, yep, love - then I think you could maybe give it an extra small, teeny-tiny try or at least give me a maybe (do I hear a maybe?)

IF you decided to get started running, these are just a few things that I put together to help you on this little journey.

Running Do's & Dont's

Do get a decent pair of running shoes

Don’t try to increase the distance and speed of your running at the same time

Do mix up the paces of your runs ( I will be sharing some of my favorite workouts soon! )

Don’t jump in weekly mileage quickly, build slowly to decrease injuries and stay motivated

Do set some goals

Don’t run hard two days in a row, spread them out and switch them up with workouts/tempo/long runs

Do find a good training plan to work from or set up your own

Don’t forget to keep track and write down what you’ve done, it builds good habits and consistency

Get a good running app to track your progress, check out Strava

Do some gluteus maximus exercises, booty (ladies) makes you a more resilient runner

Don’t worry about how fast you are going, focus on not stopping

Do eat snacks within 30 minutes of training to boost your metabolism and to aid recovery

Don’t be inconsistent, the more you run the easier it gets, it's going to be a little tough in the beginning but embrace the discomfort you mind and body will thank you

Do find a good playlist, podcast, or book to listen to if you don’t like running in silence

Don't get discouraged, keep affirmations or quotes close to remind you of why you love running and keep at it! Even a short run is better than no run

Do find a flock, if you need to be held accountable or just want buddies to run with your local running stores have information on running groups in your area

DO HAVE FUN! running helped me learn so much about myself and really is a game-changer, the best thing about it is that you can run everywhere and anywhere, bye gym membership, hello outdoor fun!

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